About Us

9th Symphony Productions is a bespoke audio and video firm dedicated to only the highest quality capture of live or in studio musical performances. We are professional musicians and engineers commited to producing memorable recordings at a great value.
Because we have expertise in the two worlds of performing and recording, we hope you will trust us to capture your artistry when and wherever it may be.
To begin our relationship, please contact us at:
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Audio brands currently in use:
Pueblo Audio preamps
Sennheiser MKH series microphones
AEA Ribbon microphones
Neumann microphones
AKG microphones
Shure microphones
Dangerous Music Monitoring and Summing
RME interfaces
D.A.V. Electronics preamps
Mogami Gold cables
Avid ProTools
Video equipment:
Canon digital cinema bodies - C100 mkII
Canon DSLR cameras
Canon L-series lenses
FinalCut Pro X